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My fashion dreams on Tumblr

Posted on 2010.11.20 at 14:18
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Just created my first TUMBLR blog! Please visit me (click on the picture below).



Posted on 2010.10.21 at 23:44
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Finally back to blogging, a little late (ok, let's say it, I'm super late) but finally got something to write. I've been very busy and anxious these days, I'm seriously considering changing my field of study in university (I'm currently studying psychology-counselling, but tried some law courses and drama school). I'm still trying to figure out where's my place. Back to law school? Public relations? International management? Fashion (marketing)? Oh and let me add, film studies. Tons of questions, few answers. My friends are almost desperate and so am I.

Will give you more news in a few days.

Second Icon batch! Please tell me if you take any (and credit me ^^) and give me your comments so I can become a better icon maker!


Layout and Background

Posted on 2010.03.17 at 22:37
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Hi guys!
I'd really like to make this texture/background my new layout! How can I install it as a background and how can I find the right matching colors to fit with it (color charts)? Thank you very much!

+++ What you think of my new banner? I made it all by myself! *it's my today's pride*

Credits: photo / texture

First icon batch! Not perfect yet, but at least I'm trying to make something decent. I'm using textures for the first time, but I'd like to use brushes next time. Do you know where I can *safely* download cute brushes for Photoshop Elements 7?

Tell me If you like it! Credits for textures are at the end of the post. And if you have tutorials or tricks to give me, don't hesitate! And please credit me if you take any.

8 icons

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Badgley Mischka

Posted on 2010.02.23 at 00:51
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Some of the looks will give you an impression of dejà-vu because these are classical designs, but it's a pretty collection worths your time!

A impression of deja-vu, but cute anyway. I love the color. And I can predict we'll see it on the red carpet.

OMG I'm sure we'll see it at the Oscars or something. At least on a reporter. Beautiful glitters turning into beautiful chiffon ruffles.

Traditional color and design again, but pretty anyway.

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A colorful collection, I'll share with you my favorite picks. And one thing I noticed: Mr. Williamson loves ruffles, drapés and twirls! What you think?

I would not wear this dress, but I had to share it with you. I think it's a real piece of art, it reminds me abstract paintings. Original and creative.

Great cut and design, I love this blazer/vest. Cute details too.

Particular attention to the ruffles starting to the neck, making a kind of collar.

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Fashion week parties are also a great place for pretty people to wear pretty clothes! Here are my favorite lookss

Michelle Trachtenberg & Naomi Watts

Rachel Zoe & Gwen Stefani

Kelly Osbourne & Natalie Portman


Jeremy Scott's highlights: Fall 2010 RTW

Posted on 2010.02.18 at 15:48
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
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Original presentation!

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I love Marchesa: Fall 2010 RTW

Posted on 2010.02.18 at 15:39
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
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Wow! Wow and wow again. Just a word for Marchesa: beautiful designs, sooooo Haute Couture, soooo edgy! One of my favorite runway show!

Flashy colors for fall? I love it!

This is a piece of art, enough said. So Haute Couture!

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